Why did I want a Scottish terrier?

SCOTTLAND - Mrs C.A. Annan┤s place A Scottie is inteligent
A Scottie is clever
A Scottie is stubborn
A Scottie is faithful
A Scottie is brave
A Scottie is simply the best

And if I had to have a Scottie, he would have to be from his native country - bonnie Scotland, or more exactly the Scottish Highlands. The decision was made.
    We contacted that excellent breeder Mrs C.A.Annan, who is also a well-known show judge. The name of her breeding kennels is legendary throughout Europe and also further afield. She follows in the footsteps of her father, also a very well known breeder. We arranged to visit her and returned home with two beautiful three month old puppies - a brindle male and a black female. My own family of three nearly doubled in size overnight and our life has also changed beyond recognition. The two "babies" became the centre of our attention. We pampered them, we spoiled them, we simply loved them to bits.


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