Dear reader!
    If you have stayed with me until now, I'd like to thank you sincerely for your interest. The description of my Scottie terriers ends here. As an attentive reader, you must have noticed that each of them is different even though they have been brought up in the same way, in the same family. What else is there to say in conclusion?

Each Scott is different
A Scottie will make your life exciting
A Scottie will remain loyal throughout
A Scottie will stand bravely at your side
A Scottie will never abandon you
A Scottie will never dissappoint you

I will be happy to advise prospective owners of this breed on the training and care, feeding and grooming. I can also offer my services regarding regular brushing and trimming, grooming and preparation for shows.
    Please note that new owners of my puppies are carefully vetted to ensure that each puppy is placed with a buyer who provides indoor housing and is keen to treat the dog as a family member. I am not willing to sell these puppies to be kept in outdoor kennels with a run, however comfortably furnished they may be.

    Each Scottie terrier is SPECIAL and therefore deserves the very best home and treatment.

With best regards from the Scotties z Klicperova Chlumce and their breeder